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Step 2


Around 20 days after hatching, the larvae will begin to pupate.  The length of pupation is determined by temperature and takes around 2 weeks in summer and up to 6 weeks in spring and autumn.

Prepare moth bucket and transfer pupae:

  • Once the majority of the larvae have turned into pupae, you can transfer the pupae into the moth bucket.
  • Starting 1-2cm in from the lid edge, make a slit in your lid using a Stanley knife and then use scissors to cut a circle in the lid of the bucket.
  • Place the bucket on top of two paper towel squares and draw a circle around the base of the bucket.  Cut out the circle just inside the lines and place the circles of paper towel in the bottom of the bucket.
  • Use the featherlight forceps provided to carefully transfer all pupae into the moth bucket. (NB: Pupae will often burrow into the diet and you may need to scrape some diet away to reveal them).
  • Discard any dead or deformed pupae.  You will know if they are alive because they will wiggle their tails when you pick them up by the head using the forceps.
  • Once you have transferred all the pupae, place a nappy liner over the bucket opening and close the lid on top so the nappy liner is pulled tight.