technical info Technical Info Step 3

Step 3


  • Monitor for moth emergence regularly and once moths have started to emerge place a honey pot* inside the bucket for the moths to feed on.
  • Helicoverpa moths live for around 10 days and can lay 1000 eggs in that time.

*Making a honey solution for the honey pots:

  • The honey solution is made up of 10% honey and 90% water (e.g. 4 teaspoons of honey in 200mL of warm water). Combine the honey and warm water in a mixing jar and shake until the honey is completely dissolved.
  • Secure the lid on top of a rearing cup and use a Stanley knife to cut two slits in the shape of a cross in the cup lid.
  • Push a cotton dental roll into the slit so it sits half way into the rearing pot and halfway above the lid.
  • Remove the lid from the cup and fill the cup ¾ with the honey solution.  Replace the lid.  The dental roll should be immersed in the honey solution and poking out the top of the lid.  It acts like a wick for the honey solution.  
  • Check the honey pot each day and refill as needed.