Caterpillar Classroom is an educational resource for school students to explore biological and agricultural science by rearing Helicoverpa.  

Caterpillar Classrooom offers Helicoverpa rearing kits to make rearing caterpillars easy for teachers and lots of fun for students.  The kits are currently only available to schools that are part of the Gateway Schools to Agribusiness programme but we plan on expanding kit availability to all Australian primary and secondary schools by Term 4, 2014.

The rearing kits are suitable for Kindergarten to Year 12 students.  They are a fantastic means of investigating insect behaviour and anatomy, insect lifecycles, metamorphosis and reproduction.  They can be used for a wide range of Extended Experimental Investigations (EEI) and to study the role of Helicoverpa and other insects in agricultural ecosystems.

We invite you to explore the Caterpillar Classroom website where you will find year-specific ideas on how to get the most out of rearing Helicoverpa in your classroom, useful links to insect-related topics and a step-wise explanation of how to grow Helicoverpa.  



Caterpillar Classroom is a practical resource to help foster education in biological and agricultural science, proudly provided by


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